In 1984, I was born at Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.

My father had depression, and did bad things to me (Now he is fine and very good father).

So I was concerned about human's feelings or emotions.

I studied brain development at Osaka Univ,

made clinical systems at a clinical test company,

did counseling and coaching.

And I started backpacker because I wanted to see the world.

I had never been overseas, so I started from Taiwan.

I did what I wanted to do at each point during backpacker.

I asked and collected messages,

because it is my ideal figure of the world.

(I was embarrassed when asking...)​

In later part, I tried free hug or hitch hiking too.

After finishing, I thought what is what I would want.

Until that, I had done from my concerns about emotions and feelings, as I said firstly,

but at that time, I thought from all, everything.

Then, I started to touch music creating software,

and now I'm composing or arranging music.

(I'm a little bit starting illustration too)


© 2020 takashi-Sato

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